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Who we are

Be.ubi is an innovative software-development company, based in Aveiro. We excel at developing products that empower productivity and cooperation between people. We combine youth and irreverence with experience and professionalism, always searching for new and ambitious challenges; constantly learning new technologies and designing new market solutions. Mainly, we use object-oriented PHP to develop our applications, inbetween a complex yet very productive set of tools that aggregate several technologies: Symfony, Doctrine, PHPUnit, MySql, Hadoop, Selenium, AWS, Vagrant, Chef, Ruby, PhantomJS, Jenkins, etc. We are growing.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a balanced software engineer, who knows how to balance a critical analysis of requirements with a good ability in software engineering, and who is organized. It is important that you have a minimum 5 years experience in the development of web applications, using OOP languages. Definitive experience using the tools above is welcome, but more important than that is a solid programming knowledge combined with the will to learn new technologies. It is essential that you have initiative and responsibility, and are able to attack your problems pragmatically and autonomously.

Minimum requirements

  • Education: Bachelor in Software Engineering, Electronics or similar.
  • Work experience: 5 years.
  • Other training: N/A

What we offer

  • Full-time job with a flexible schedule
  • Possibility of occasional remote work
  • Salary according to academic and professional experience, with good work conditions
  • Free coffee ; kitchen ready for in-house meals
  • Self-proposed and automatically approved training and participation in conferences
  • Growth

We hire always looking for a long-term relationship!

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