What's in our core:


We adopt the most advanced software engineering methodologies to ensure high standards of quality


We build software with great user experience by doing a careful analysis of the problem in hands and the target users


Our methodology encourages to think out of the box and invest in innovative solutions


We are proactive and responsible. Requirements are constantly changing, so we focus less on what was agreed and more on what you need

Meet the team:

Luís Filipe Faceira


Trained software engineer turned web entrepreneur. Started learning programming with 11 years old and started his first internet business with just 14 years old and since then he is always thinking on the next big thing!

Rui Gonçalves

Project Manager

Experienced project manager with a strong focus in delivering working software, built upon high quality standards, that addresses effectively the business requirements specified by the customer.

We seek for organized people who know how to balance a critical analysis of requirements with a good ability to execute tasks. Apply clicking in JOIN US :)

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Responsible for infrastructure architecture and management. Experienced in PHP development and Symfony. MCs in Electronics and Telecomunications Engineering at the University of Aveiro.

Artur Melo

SysAdmin, Software Engineer

MCs in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Coimbra with 5 years of experience in back-end web development.

Filipe Marinheiro

Software Engineer

Software developer, graduated in Computer and Telematics Engineering by the University of Aveiro. 5+ years of experience with different technologies: Java EE, Python, PHP, Javascript...

David Pacheco

Software Engineer

Certified Trainer and Certified Tester by the ISTQB. Since 2011 that my role is to make sure that the client gets the added value that he is paying for by the cheapest value possible

Hugo Fonseca

SQA Manager, Developer in Tests

Graduated in Technologies and Information Systems, currently pursuing his master's degree in Information Systems at University of Aveiro. Focused in web development, always looking to improve himself.

Renato Duarte

Software Engineer

While working to improve his drawing skills and code knowledge, João is focused in becoming a pixel-perfect designer and an effective front-end coder at the same time.. in other words, a digital hybrid. Currently finishing his Master's in UX at Universidade de Aveiro.

João Jacinto

UX/UI Designer


Develop web, mobile and gis productivity applications for businesses of all sizes.


Be a reference in providing SaaS solutions for businesses all around the World.


Create value for our customers and for society in general, seeking to develop what is useful, and not just what's requested.

Open Source logo


Mixing our skills, we push to empower ourselves, developing Open Source Solutions.

Problem-based Learning

We are always learning, but dealing with Open source software lets us anticipate future problems by facing them sooner.

be.ubi Open Source Day

This is an internal event held periodically, thought to motivate several contributions to Open source projects.